Always fresh vegetables


Day Export is an exporter of fresh exotic products mainly chinese and indian vegetables.

We are a small family-owned business, we were founded in 2010 with many of the suppliers and customers we started out wit, we are still working to this day. We are so pleased with the relationship of trust we have built with them and we are committed to keep that relationship. Day Export is a flat organization, so we can switch and adjust quickly. Especially with the personal attention to our customers that we pursue, this is very important.

We guarantee the best quality of our products and do everything to realize this. We work with a continuous system for optimum cooling from producer to consumer.



Thanks to the climate in the Dominican Republic, the firm is able to plant and harvest produce throughout the year; we export our fresh fruits and vegetables from Dominican Republic to all part of the world, currently we are exporting to Zurich and UK.

The main of our vegetables are grown on our farm and many small farms around the country and then gathered and combined through a co-operative sale effort.



We try to meet the demands of our clients in any way the see we can see how we can serve you best.

We be able to be shipping and packing facility operating 24/7 when is necessary to fulfill urgent orders.

Our clients can mail their order or pass it by phone. Whatever works best for them, contact us and we get your price and shipping information’s of an airport or port close to you.